Monday, March 2, 2015

Price of the KNOW-HOW turbine "Stels" is $ 1 billion.

Selling turbine, which provides 95% efficiency of pressure comparing with classical turbine Laval’s turbo-generator pressure working level, which now using worldwide.
My turbine will (without any additional fuel and energy costs) get the same amount of additional electricity, after installing of my turbine, in additional cascade in series connection after the stationary cycle turbine.
Price of the KNOW-HOW turbine is $ 1 billion.
Well known market introduction of turbines in the world in thermal energetics is near 4.5 trillion US dollars. Preference for implementation I give to such countries as countries - Germany and Japan, companies "Siemens" and "Mitsubishi". Other proposals will not be considered because of their unreasonableness.

Intermediaries for implementing of my turbines please do not disturb, because negotiations will be only with legitimate representatives of firms. The turbine test will be held under the conditions which will be provided.