Thursday, August 15, 2019

Military Secret of Ball Lightning

№22/046838-13П від 19 серпня 2019
To the President of Ukraine,
Head of the NSDC
 V.O. Zelensky

Dear Vladimir Alexandrovich!

I ask you to pay attention to the problem of waste from NPPs that have accumulated and pose a threat to the environment and population of Ukraine!
To date, there are 15 nuclear power plant units operating in Ukraine, which have accumulated up to 30,000 tonnes of radioactive water filters during operation, which has been purified after the first outline of a nuclear reactor, which is critical to their safe storage.
To date, there are nuclear waste disposal technologies in the world that are directly operational and will allow long-term disposal to be carried out by placing pre-cast concrete blocks or other types of long-term storage containers without any possibility of primary processing.
I bring to your attention that I have developed a unique technology for the treatment of solid household waste allows you to recycle this waste without harming the environment and safe for people. The technology makes it possible to convert accumulated radioactive water filters of nuclear reactors up to 30 thousand tons into 60 tons of carbon black, ie to reduce their volume by 500 times.
In addition, this recycling technology is super-profitable: 60 tons of radioactive carbon black can be sold to US partners at a price of $ 410 million per ton. Thus, the cost of 60 tons could be approximately $ 24 billion 600 million.
Measures for the elimination of radioactive waste can be carried out with the involvement of specialists of the Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and other specialized sectoral specialists of NASU.
In the course of this work, jobs will be created in Ukraine, and our State will receive significant profits for the development of the nuclear industry!
The EU also has similar wastes up to 80,000 tonnes that can be recycled by my technology, especially in Germany.
I ask you, as President of Ukraine and the Head of the NSDC, to consider my proposal and to set up a working group of experts to address the issue of Ukraine's nuclear security.
I suggest you as the President of Ukraine and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine to become the co-founder of the ecological project: "Life without trash on the planet!".

    Yours sincerely, inventor Alexander Ekimovsky