Thursday, October 13, 2005

Krok "New Tecnnologies. The Sensational Inventions of Alexander Yekimovskikh" (October 13, 2005 )

The first public announcement of the offers of the talented inventor was a real sensation for society! That is what businessmen and manufacturers are waiting for.
This Know-How enables to save and move quickly forward developing at the same time business and private manufacture .
Alexander Yekimovskikh, the general director if the International Center of New Technologies Introduction "Teplotsentr-Akademia", invited via his own web-site all interested persons for cooperation one month before the Investment Exhibition took part 5-7th October in the Palace of Art. Around 10,000 potential partners and future users responded to his invitation written in three languages (Ukrainian, Russian and English).
The direct communication at the exhibition proved that the society is interested in A.Yekimovskikh's inventions.