Friday, September 29, 2000

>> Moloda Galychyna "OUR KULIBIN" SEES HIS FUTURE INVENTIONS IN HIS SLEEP" (September 29, 2001)

PHOTO: The Quartz lamp of Alexander Yekimovskikh will kill germs right in your home.
 A.Yekimovskikh won the case vs. Pryvatbank in Lviv. He found out many other different and useful things, but he is especially proud of this achievement. In 1999 “Day” newspaper and Mr.Yekimovskikh won the trial proving that within 2 years UAH 359,000 were transferred via banking account of  the inventor’s firm Lviv Souvenirs Ltd.
 He describes those events with pleasure, although all he needed from his professional qualities in order to accomplish that was patience and persistence. He did not have dream about the way out of that intricate juridical situation like it usually happens with his inventions. It was due to his stamina.
I must confess that this time it is not the case I am interested in, but Mr.Yekimovskikh’s brand new invention – quartz ultra-violet irradiators with bactericidal and medicinal effect. He designed them, improved and made them smaller for the sake of home using.