Sunday, March 22, 1998


To Heat It Up More or Less – You Gotta Burn Down All Your Gas!
As Mr.Alexander admits he hasn’t discovered any new sources of energy. The inventor from Lviv  only made his home gas-burners work properly .  It is no secret that the gas does not completely combust in the Ukrainian heating systems and their average efficiency makes 60%), so an essential part of the fuel is wasted. This part does no good – on the contrary it makes a lot of harm polluting the air. But Yekimovskikh made the entire gas combust by means of his improvements.
They say that everything ingenious is incredibly simple. This time the Galitian inventor halped with the ordinary tins made of a special metal (alloy of titan and copper) that he has carefully adjusted onto his gas-burners. First of all, the alloy does not oxidize and, second of all, it serves as a catalyst during gas combustion. Yekimovskikh says that the efficiency of his cooker has now reached 100%, that is the non-burnt harmful remainders, that formerly used to emit into the air, this time are completely consumed  and give much more heat to the room.