Sunday, March 22, 2020


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I am the inventor of A. Ekimovskikh, offer to humanity KNOW-HOW the invention of the complex: Autonomous Regenerative Electrochemical Alternative Power Supply System - “APSS”for the processing of municipal solid waste with zero emissions of harmful substances into the environment !!! The APSS system generates surplus electricity from the STELS turboelectric generator I invented with 100% efficiency, the APSS system can completely replace and compensate for the generation of electric energy instead of existing thermal power plants and nuclear power plants, working exclusively on solid household waste, generating electricity and heat, maximizing long (up to 5 years) in a closed cycle! 
  I bring to your attention that this unique plasma synthesis technology developed by me turns any garbage into carbon black and combustible gas. This synthesis technology makes it possible to economically, safely and efficiently recycle solid waste landfills without harming the environment. Also, with a certain modernization, this technology allows you to process radioactive solid waste, turning it into carbon, which will allow you to process radioactive polymer water filters accumulated in Europe and the world in the first circuits of nuclear reactors and reduce their actual volume from 500 to 1000 times.
This technology is safe, super-profitable and has no analogues in the world !!!
  The APSS system and STELS turboelectric generators are presented as the most economical, environmentally friendly, simple and reliable autonomous way to obtain electric and heat energy from municipal solid waste. The power of one STELS turboelectric generator can reach up to 1000 MW, starting from a minimum of 10 MW to a maximum. The technology allows you to turn any waste into a plasma chemical reactor into high-calorie synthesis gas (at least 10,000 kCall) or into carbon black. CO2 gas is considered unnecessary harmful gas on the planet, and various inventors tried to fight it, but so far no one has succeeded !!! My APSS  system makes wasteless and harmless waste recycling by plasma chemistry, electrolyzers and methanators, and CO2 gas becomes an effective fuel!
   Utilizing household waste, surplus electric power is obtained for self-sufficiency and autonomous production of combustible synthesis gas, which will rotate the STELS turboelectric generator, power electrolyzers and electrometanators. The remaining surplus electricity in the amount of 70% is sold to the consumer energy market, surplus combustible gas, and the energy market is also sold. The production and installation of APSS systems included in the complexes of power plants with STELS heat generators according to my drawings will be made with an estimated price of 1 million euros per 1 MW, which is 3 times cheaper and 3 times faster than the construction of nuclear power plants. The recoupment of the construction of a new garbage waste processing plant with a capacity of 3 Gigawatts, up to 3 years. Modernization by the APSS system of existing plants with a capacity of 1 Gigawatt will pay off up to 1 year. 
My APSS system can upgrade all existing waste recycling plants on the planet. Thus, a new environmentally friendly life begins without garbage on the planet !!!
       You can learn more about APSS system technology at
       Sincerely, inventor Alexander Ekimovskikh

我是一名发明家叶基莫夫斯基(A. Yekimovskikh),向人类介提供了专有技术的发明:自主再生电化学替代电源系统-“AREAPSS”(Autonomous Regenerative Electrochemical Alternative Power Supply System),用于处理向环境中零排放有害物质的固态生活废物!AREAPSS系统从我发明的STELS涡轮发电机中产生过剩电能,效率为100%。AREAPSS系统可以完全替代和补偿电能的产生,而无需运行火力发电厂和核电厂,而是专门处理固态生活废物,并在封闭的周期内尽可能长地(长达5年)发电和供热!

AREAPSS系统和STELS涡轮发电机被认为是从固态生活废物中获取电能和热能的最经济,环保,简单和可靠的自主方式。 一台STELS涡轮发电机的功率可以达到1000 兆瓦,从最小10 兆瓦到最大。该技术使您可以通过等离子化学反应器将任何垃圾转化为高热量的合(至少10,000 千卡)成气或炭黑。 二氧化碳气体被认为是地球上不必要的有害气体,各种各样的发明者都试图与之抗争,但到目前为止,没有人成功!我的AREAPSS系统通过等离子化学,电解器和甲烷化器实现了无废,无害的废物回收,而二氧化碳气体成为一种有效的燃料! 我的技术超级赚钱,世界上没有类似产