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Business offer
To the President of the Bezos Earth Fund
  mr. Jeff Bezos

   I suggest you, mr.  Jeff Bezos, to build in your Amazon Web Services headquarters in Seattle the autonomous life-support system I invented and developed by me-the Autonomous Regenerative Electrochemical Alternative Power Supply System - “ARESAE”.
   The “APECAE” complex can be mounted in parallel with any autonomous power supply system from solar panels or wind generators and will provide electricity around the clock when there is no sun or wind.  The “APECAE” system that I invented is ready to 100% save humanity from the effects of global warming and bring comfort, warmth and coziness to each family’s house with the help of a compact household waste disposal device.  Thus, for the first time in world practice, autonomous energy supply can set an example to the whole world how on the ground it is possible to turn household garbage into energy and garbage dumps will disappear on the planet!
    With our joint mutually beneficial arrangement for the production of these compact APECAE-STELS household household waste disposers, your Amazon Web Services will be able to distribute them exclusively on the planet after all licensing and patenting procedures have been completed.
    In connection with the coronovirus pandemic in the world, this APECAE-STELS household waste recycling apparatus, simultaneously with garbage, will destroy all medical waste, including infected, that are generated in the home during the coronovirus quarantine.
    I can demonstrate the finished device to you personally to begin our cooperation.  The operating device was demonstrated on my YouTube channel “AVTOHAUS - STELS Collider” - energy and gas from garbage from Alexander Yekimovsky -
    The description of my APECAE-STELS system is presented on my website
    I offered APECAE industrial autonomous systems to the leaders of global waste management: Keppel Seghers Corporation in China, which is the world leader in municipal solid waste, and Orano in France, which is the world leader in nuclear waste processing.
    Thus, the company Amazon-STELS, organized by us, can become a world leader in the production and sale of autonomous home compact household waste disposers, which will not be competitors in the world, since there are no analogues of my know-how.
    With my APECAE KNOW-HOW systems, humanity will live as autonomously as possible with heat and electricity, even in a forest or desert.
    I will be glad to join your project, which, processing waste from human activities, will implement the APECAE system on the planet to get rid of the effects of global warming.  This APECAE KNOW-HOW system is more efficient, safer and more economical than existing industrial systems.

 The essence of the PROJECT:

Invention: a complex of Autonomous Regenerative Electrochemical Alternative Power Supply System (ARESAE) for any industrial consumer of heat and electricity. The system operates in a closed cycle mode for processing household garbage producing synthetic gas for use as a fuel by a turboelectric generator, followed by regeneration and conversion of the exhaust gases of the turboelectric generator in the electrolyzer-methanator back into synthesis gas, by electrolysis of water and CO2, without emissions into the atmosphere.
The invention of the ARESAE complex relates to the electric power industry, as a method of alternative and autonomous production of thermal and electric energy, as well as any mechanical energy for any industrial consumer, including municipal services of cities. The maximum capacity of one stationary complex ARESAE can reach up to 1000 MW / h for electric and thermal energy.
The ARESAE complex system consists of my Know-How: turbine-engine (Know-How), stator (Know-How), electric generators (classic), AC and DC converters (Know-How), electrolyzer (Know-How), electrolyzer -mechanator (Know-How), compressors (classic), heat exchangers (classic).
In the world there are no similar analogues in terms of technical solutions, with minimal financial costs and minimal compact location on the occupied territory.
The system of the ARESAE complex is designed to supply heat and electricity:
- complex processing and disposal of solid and liquid household waste; - a complex for the production of electrical, thermal and mechanical energy;
- a complex for the production of carbon black from waste (as raw materials for the production of graphene);
- a complex for the production of combustible synthetic gas;
- a complex for processing industrial wastes of petrochemistry, etc.
The technical result of the introduction of ARESAE technology: obtaining cheap electricity for autonomous use by a complex of solid waste processing - utilization (100%) of carbon-containing waste. Obtaining high-calorific synthesis gas and carbon-containing (not less than 99%) raw materials for the production of graphene. Carbon is the main raw material for the production of electric batteries.
 The profitability and manufacturability of processing solid waste into carbon black according to the technology developed by me is the most profitable of the legal types of production in the world!
The electric energy produced at the ARESAE complex will be several times cheaper than: hydro, solar, wind and nuclear.
Important features of ARESAE technology are ease of manufacture, reliability, durability, manufacturability, high efficiency, low cost of the product per unit of power, and most importantly - environmental friendliness and safety!
An example of the use of the ARESAE complex: to use the autonomous generation of heat and electricity by disposing of its garbage at Amazon enterprises.
I offer you Mr. D. Bezos, to make a pilot installation of the ARESAE complex at the production base of your Amazon company for the complete autonomous supply of energy to your production facilities in Seattle, USA.
After passing all the trials and legal procedures in Seattle, you can implement my ARESAE system of systems everywhere where are your business interests and those of your Bezos Earth Fund .
My ARESAE technology can be installed on any ship and used as a floating garbage processing plant in the seas and oceans to destroy plastic garbage that has accumulated in the amount of up to 900 million tons, forming huge floating plastic islands.
Mini installations of ARESAE technology with power up to 10 kW can be made for personal use of citizens.
A separate and important implementation of my ARESAE technology can and should be implemented in the automotive industry for installation on vehicles with internal combustion engines that have systems for using combustible gases as fuel, refueling as fuel.
Only by this introduction in motor transport can we reduce at least two times the emissions of all greenhouse gases on the planet.
I, Alexander Yekimovskikh, live in Lviv (Ukraine), next to which at the distance of 8 km there is the largest landfill in Europe in the amount of 55 million tons, garbage poisons all living things, including the population of Lviv.
I am ready with my ARESAE technology, subject to the manufacture of a powerful waste disposal and recycling complex, to destroy this landfill in the village of Bolshoi Gribovichi in 10 years, while earning $ 10 billion by selling surplus electricity and carbon black.
I hope for our beneficial cooperation !!!

Sincerely, inventor A. Ekimovskikh!


Commercial offer for management Keppel Corporation

Commercial offer for Orano management

I am the inventor of A. Ekimovskikh, offer to humanity KNOW-HOW the invention of the complex: Autonomous Regenerative Electrochemical Alternative Power Supply System - “APSS”for the processing of municipal solid waste with zero emissions of harmful substances into the environment !!! The APSS system generates surplus electricity from the STELS turboelectric generator I invented with 100% efficiency, the APSS system can completely replace and compensate for the generation of electric energy instead of existing thermal power plants and nuclear power plants, working exclusively on solid household waste, generating electricity and heat, maximizing long (up to 5 years) in a closed cycle! 
  I bring to your attention that this unique plasma synthesis technology developed by me turns any garbage into carbon black and combustible gas. This synthesis technology makes it possible to economically, safely and efficiently recycle solid waste landfills without harming the environment. Also, with a certain modernization, this technology allows you to process radioactive solid waste, turning it into carbon, which will allow you to process radioactive polymer water filters accumulated in Europe and the world in the first circuits of nuclear reactors and reduce their actual volume from 500 to 1000 times.
This technology is safe, super-profitable and has no analogues in the world !!!
  The APSS system and STELS turboelectric generators are presented as the most economical, environmentally friendly, simple and reliable autonomous way to obtain electric and heat energy from municipal solid waste. The power of one STELS turboelectric generator can reach up to 1000 MW, starting from a minimum of 10 MW to a maximum. The technology allows you to turn any waste into a plasma chemical reactor into high-calorie synthesis gas (at least 10,000 kCall) or into carbon black. CO2 gas is considered unnecessary harmful gas on the planet, and various inventors tried to fight it, but so far no one has succeeded !!! My APSS  system makes wasteless and harmless waste recycling by plasma chemistry, electrolyzers and methanators, and CO2 gas becomes an effective fuel!
   Utilizing household waste, surplus electric power is obtained for self-sufficiency and autonomous production of combustible synthesis gas, which will rotate the STELS turboelectric generator, power electrolyzers and electrometanators. The remaining surplus electricity in the amount of 70% is sold to the consumer energy market, surplus combustible gas, and the energy market is also sold. The production and installation of APSS systems included in the complexes of power plants with STELS heat generators according to my drawings will be made with an estimated price of 1 million euros per 1 MW, which is 3 times cheaper and 3 times faster than the construction of nuclear power plants. The recoupment of the construction of a new garbage waste processing plant with a capacity of 3 Gigawatts, up to 3 years. Modernization by the APSS system of existing plants with a capacity of 1 Gigawatt will pay off up to 1 year. 
My APSS system can upgrade all existing waste recycling plants on the planet. Thus, a new environmentally friendly life begins without garbage on the planet !!!
       You can learn more about APSS system technology at

       Sincerely, inventor Alexander Ekimovskikh

Head of Government, Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel

Dear Angela Merkel

I appeal to you about the energy independence of Germany. My invention, NOU-HAU, turbo-electric generator, can be completely replace-compensate for the shortage of electricity in Germany, after decommissioning of all NPP power units. These turbo-electric generators can be installed in territories owned by existing nuclear power plants, using their infrastructure.

The source of energy for my turboelectric generators can be domestic and industrial garbage, any composition that is stored on garbage landfills of the 20th century !!!

My technology for the production of electrical and thermal energy is absolutely the safe, environmentally friendly closed cycle of production of thermal and electrical energy, with the complete absence of harmful emissions in the surrounding environment medium (0,0% СО2, NOx and other harmful substances and gases).

Production and installation of thermal power stations with heat power generators for my drawings can be executed for example by firm SIMENS. In a year it is possible to build and install on a turn-key thermal power station up to 1 GW of power. The estimated price of 1 MW - 1 000 000 Euro.Sincerely, inventor Alexander Yekimovsky

You have opened personal informational site of Ekymovskiy Alexandr Anatolievych. On this site you can find my commercial proposals for partners in business, correspondence with Ukrainian authorities; newspapers’ and magazines’ articles devoted to me dating from 1998 to 2006.

Starting with April, 1, 2006, for entering the site you should pay 1 euro. 1) Business proposals in heat-and-power engineering:

Modernization of old boiler-rooms and stations of heat supply, ran on gas for industrial and domestic purposes which are mostly used for heating living quarters, infant schools and other educational institutions. Modernization can be held on boiler-rooms, which use low and average pressure gas without constrained air delivery by the establishment of a burner on the metal catalyst of my construction, which raise the natural gas combustion efficiency from 30% up to 60%.
2) Business proposals in mini-hydroelectric power stations and wild  farms production
•Mini-hydroelectric power stations of my design, possessing capacity of about 3 kw. up to 1 million kWh, for electricity generation on rivers of Ukraine have no analogues in the world.
•Gas power stations and gas-hydro power stations of my design, possessing capacity of 100 kw. – 1 million kWh for non-discharge Ukrainian gas wells have no analogues in the World.
•Coal-water power stations of my design for Ukrainian coal mines, possessing capacity of 100 kw. – 1 million kWh., have no analogues in the world.
•Wind-electric and wind-hydro-electric generators of my design, possessing capacity up to 1,000 kWh, have no analogues in the world.
•Wind-hydro-electric generators of my design, possessing capacity of 100 kw. – 1 million kWh, have no analogues in the world.
3) In the production of highly artistic ceramics in Wedgwood style, having medallist qualit
4) In the production of raised printed postcards in Wedgewood style
5) In the production of ceramic and metal souvenirs
6) In the production of the equipments meant for forming  three-dimensional image in photopolymer
7) The project of “Archimedes Land”  building ( similar to “Disney land”, including pavilions about inventions of mankind during 3,000 years). The project is commercial, so private persons as well as juridical ones can charitably contribute to it. The main point is that the project should be cognitive and of general education, financially provided by charitable organizations, patrons and grandees.

8) The project of “Vysokiy Samok” (High Castle) building on the
Knyaja Gora (Prince’s Mountain), taking into account scientists’ and Lviv citizents’ wishes declared on city-referendum. The complex “Vysokiy Samok” is going to include souvenir mint – a museum with operating press and matrixes of Ukrainian souvenir coins of last 850 years.

My site is created for public discussion of my projects, aiming at establishing capable of working groups which are quickly to apply my projects into Ukrainian economy. On this site you can find Ukrainian newspapers’ publications about my projects, and also my correspondence with Ukrainian authorities.

All of the above mentioned proposals are not connected with one another and are discussed with every business-partner particularly.

All of the business-proposals suggested are based on technologies, know-how and inventions which have no analogues in the world.

All the proposals are true up to May, 1, 2006. After that term all the counter-proposals will be analysed, and after that the choice of business-partners will be made.

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