Monday, March 2, 2015

Price of the KNOW-HOW turbine "Stels" is $ 1 billion.

Selling turbine, which provides 95% efficiency of pressure comparing with classical turbine Laval’s turbo-generator pressure working level, which now using worldwide.
My turbine will (without any additional fuel and energy costs) get the same amount of additional electricity, after installing of my turbine, in additional cascade in series connection after the stationary cycle turbine.
Price of the KNOW-HOW turbine is $ 1 billion.
Well known market introduction of turbines in the world in thermal energetics is near 4.5 trillion US dollars. Preference for implementation I give to such countries as countries - Germany and Japan, companies "Siemens" and "Mitsubishi". Other proposals will not be considered because of their unreasonableness.

Intermediaries for implementing of my turbines please do not disturb, because negotiations will be only with legitimate representatives of firms. The turbine test will be held under the conditions which will be provided.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Who is with us?

I propose to make the installation of artificial methane production capacity of 500 m3/hr of 1000 units / year. The installation consists of the cell, methanator, automation and turbines.
Proposal for cooperation about production methanator effect until April 1, 2014. Production must be strong in co-operation with small companies.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


About  two weeks ago my friend, a famous inventor Alexander Ekimovskih called me and asked me to open his website, read one letter and tell my opinion about it.

Before you go to the very letter, i'll tell a bit about Sasha.
In 2006, my friend Milechka Podlyashetskaya, beeing a head of Lviv Regional State Administration introduced Sasha to me.
Before and during the Maidan she was a head of the city organization "Batkivshchyna".
From the very begining of "Batkivshchyna" in Lviv, I was  was a member of the district offices, and a coordinator of relations with other oppositional parties, and of course  Milechka's fan.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

President of Ukraine


Gift certificate

Dear Viktor Yanukovych, due to the fact that in our country, the common man can not fight with the bureaucracy and corrupt officials from power, I decided to give you a decent, honest man, and the President of Ukraine in honor of 21 anniversary of Ukrainian independence, his patent of "modernization teplokotelnogo Ukrainian equipment for energy efficiency and gazoenergocberezheniya teploenergogeneratsii Communal Services of Ukraine, "in which the introduction of housing and agriculture in Ukraine gas savings can be up to 30%.

Saturday, July 1, 2006

"Enough words ! Actions!", Krok (1 July 2006)

“Enough words ! Actions!”
In the third issue of KROK for 2005 we wrote about Alexandr Yekimovskikh’s efforts to introduce the laminar catylitic combustion of the natural gas he has invented and been promoting since 2003.
The invention helps to economize the gas consumption up to 3 times and magnifies the efficiency of  gas consuming appliances up to the maximum obtainable results. The last winter having been the coldest one in the 30 years has stripped up the existing gas problems – both political and economical…
“What has changed since KROK had published the article about your invention for the first time?

Saturday, February 11, 2006

"THE ANATOMY OF THE PERPETUAL MOBILE Or The Domestic Sun On Your Gas Cooker", Zerkalo Nedeli (“The Weekly Mirror”), (#5, 11th of February , 2006.)

“Zerkalo Nedeli” (“The Weekly Mirror”), #5, 11th of February , 2006
Maryna Oliynyk (Lviv)
Alexander Yekimovskikh, the Director General of his own firm “Lviv Souvenirs”, fully corresponds to the image of real inventor . He speaks hurriedly , always with many ideas, plans and projects on his mind. By the way, those ideas and plans enter his head in his sleep. He possesses his own outlook upon the world and notices what others disregard and so not only in the technical area. He believes that one of his inventions – the Yekimovskikh’s Thermogenerator – can save the gas for the country for at least UAH 20 billion! Yet, the thermogenerator is but one amidst his other inventions.