My biography

My name is Alexander Yekimovskikh, born 29th August 1956 in Sverdlovsl city, in the Ural (now Ekaterinburg), Russian. My father - Anatoliy Yekimovskikh (1930 – 1993) many-time draughts champion of Sverdlovsk and the chairman of Uralmash factory. My mother - Nina Solovyova, born 1937, pensioner
1974 - 1977 service in the Navy Pacific fleet, Vladivostok - instructor of the educational squad of underwater floating (military unit 25151), lieutenant of a reserve of the Black Sea fleet
            1978 – Lviv – Locomotive Depot Lviv-West - foreman of the electricians, Komsomol and party activity.
            1978 – got married. My son Andrey, born 1979, ex-wife, schoolmate Natasha
1979 - 1989 The commander of the Komsomol Operational Squad at Komsomol Committee, at  Lviv executive committee and Board of Home Affairs in Lviv. The member of the KPSS (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) 1980 - 1989 р
            I set up the squad On Strife with Misappropriation of the Socialist Property and within 10 years of its existence it was the best in Ukraine and USSR, so that I and other members of the squad were awarded many times with the governmental and party rewards. All those events were highlighted in all mass-media of the USSR.
            1985  -  I was acknowledged the best non-staff correspondent of the newspaper for numerous resonant articles in the newspaper " Lvovskaya Pravda” (Truth From Lviv).
            1988  - disability pension, after I got trauma in 1985, while detaining the plunderers in Lviv Meat Processing Plant.
            1989  – founded the production of replicas of coins, orders and arms at firm the Lviv Souvenirs  as a part of the Soviet-Polish enterprise "UKRAPOL"  - a production manager.
            1991 – set up the Lviv Souvenirs Ltd.  – the general director till the present time.
1994 -  invented the "know-how" of ceramics of "WEDGWOOD WEAR" type (England) and "MEІSSEN" type (Germany) of the medal quality  with the projected relief on the flat and voluminous ceramics, for example on restaurant utensils
1995 - invented technology of forming the 3-dimensional image from any flat subjects (paper, plastic, metal and ceramics), including the ones with the voluminous relief.
             1996 - invented technology of the projection of photo colour images on any  spheric subjects, glass, plastic,  metal, the images also can be frescos on walls, which can withstand the moisture.
1997 – the beginning of "war" with the director of law firm "Themis", deputy director “Pryvatbank" Andriy Skorokhod, financial bank swindler, swindler and organizer of assassinations including Georgiy Gongadze, me and many others who are aware of his crime. A beginning of my secret residence in Lviv city.
             1998 - Article in the newspaper "Day": " the Disgraceful Surprise from "the Lviv Souvenirs" Ltd where "Pryvatbank"  commenced case before the court concerning protection of its honour in order to compensate for its moral and material losses in the amount of UAH 1million. As a result: "Pryvatbank " in 1999  lost all cases in Kiev, the materials in the newspaper " Day " are recognized to be true, the clients of "Pryvatbank "  left it and turned to other banks.
  September, 1998 -  met my "muse" Inna Tymochko, who helped me in  difficult moments of my life, became my beloved woman and sales manager the next 7 years.
            1999 - participation in the exhibition, negotiations with the German firm "Goebel" concerning the production of ceramics in Shchyrets town  (Lvov region) at the factory "Stekloprybor", and also manufacturing of souvenir Easter eggs and New Year's glass balls with the full-colour photoimage  for Germany  and for the firm "Roxolana", Kiev.
            2000 - invented catalyst of natural gas combustion for a household cooker. I managed to burn and coagulate miniatures from ceramics and porcelain.
    August - I gave G.Gongadze all documents about financial crimes of Skorokhod of "Pryvatbank" for the publication in his Internet-site "the Ukrainian truth". The meeting of the  twice imprisoned bank swindler A.Skorokhod, who had also 18 criminal cases in his past and the minister of Home Affairs in cafe "Volf-Alm" on 375, Zelena St. – I am  a witness.
            September - Meeting of A.Skorokhod with Pukach after assassination of G.Gongadze.
  2001 – the last year of secret residence on 19, Sykhivska St., the arrival of Pope of Rome John Paul II.
             September 29 - article in "Moloda Galychyna” (Young Galitia) about my inventions, KNOW-HOW and our victory with the newspaper "Day" over “Pryvatbank”
      October - A.Skorokhod stole money from the accounts of "the Transport Company " and newspaper "Vash Mahazyn”.
            October - message to me about my assassination by the hired assassins of A.Skorokhod. 

            December - moving onto 64, Khmelnytskyi St. 3

            2003-2004 г.  - Publication and reporting in the newspapers and on a television about my KNOW-HOW, inventions: the newspaper “Moloda Halychyna” (Young Galitia), “Wysokyi Zamok” (High Castle), “Uryadovyi Kuryer” (Governmental Courier), "Day", "Krok", "the Lviv television ", NTA, UN-1, 5th  channel.
   2004 – I founded and run the International Centre of New Technologies Introduction “Teplotsentr-Akademia”Ltd. for introduction of all my inventions into life. Took part in the exhibition “Aqua –Therm 2004” in Kiev.
June, 2005 - mister D pleaded guilty in front of the witness that he had to kill me at the end of 2001 to the order of special services and A.Skorokhod, but they could not find me.
 16.07.2005. Ascent of the Goverla Mount. I was the only lucky one who received the autographes from the President V.Yushchenko on mail envelopes with the stamp Of Ruslana Lyzhychko certified with the seal of special cancelling in honour of an ascention on a Giverla mountain on the day of Independence of Ukraine. Now these envelopes I sell on auction. The obtained costs will be given to the charitable program " Warmth For Children ".
-          Now I take part in All-Ukrainian competition " Small and Middle-Scale Enterprises With Innovatory Activity” for the award of the World organization of the intellectual property " the Invention - 2005 ".
October 5-7, 2005 - the International Centre of New Technologies Introduction “Teplotsentr-Akademia”Ltd. participates on an Investment Forum in Lviv city where I want to sell all my KNOW-HOW and inventions, and the obtained means from sale will go on the program " Warmth For Children ". I also dream of creating the working souvenir mint on the Princely Hill in commemoration of 400th anniversary of the former mint and 750th  anniversary of Lviv City that coincides with my 50th anniversary in 2006.
           The launching prices for my KNOW-HOW from 1 up to 3 million EURO.
  I invite all mass-media, businessmen and chiefs of organizations to visit my stand on the Investment Fair on Kopernika St.
I invite everyone to participate in my establishing of 3 world Guiness records by means of my inventions and KNOW-HOW in engineering.
       I dream to create the fund for the inventors in engineering for a housekeeping, the inventions which could be the most effective, reliable and inexpensive in housekeeping. Where a minimum gratuity would make 10000 EURO, and maximum - 1000000 EURO.
I sympathize with a revolutionary spirit Yuliya Tymoshenko.
Non-party man, fisherman, hunter, collector.My idols – Eddison and Lomonosov. 
My hand and heart are free, I would prefer a young and vigorous woman.

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