Wednesday, February 22, 2023


 The main direction is the processing of garbage (organic waste) in order to obtain gas, heat and electricity.

Due to the fact that all my inventions on the autonomous energy supply of electric vehicles are nearing completion, this is of particular interest to all manufacturers of electric vehicles, as well as electric vehicles and all electric air vehicles.
Since the competition for electric vehicles in the world is going through the roof, only the manufacturer will survive who uses the one that has a chance to stay on the market!!! The one who has an electric car will be cheap, reliable and autonomous. The rest will either die or buy technology to maximize the autonomy of their electric vehicles. Therefore, I announce a competition - the sale of my technologies! Whoever gives more and offers the best conditions will own my secrets...!!!

P.S. So far, on the horizon, I see only one buyer of my technologies - this is Jeff Bezos……

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