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To Heat It Up More or Less – You Gotta Burn Down All Your Gas!
As Mr.Alexander admits he hasn’t discovered any new sources of energy. The inventor from Lviv  only made his home gas-burners work properly .  It is no secret that the gas does not completely combust in the Ukrainian heating systems and their average efficiency makes 60%), so an essential part of the fuel is wasted. This part does no good – on the contrary it makes a lot of harm polluting the air. But Yekimovskikh made the entire gas combust by means of his improvements.
They say that everything ingenious is incredibly simple. This time the Galitian inventor halped with the ordinary tins made of a special metal (alloy of titan and copper) that he has carefully adjusted onto his gas-burners. First of all, the alloy does not oxidize and, second of all, it serves as a catalyst during gas combustion. Yekimovskikh says that the efficiency of his cooker has now reached 100%, that is the non-burnt harmful remainders, that formerly used to emit into the air, this time are completely consumed  and give much more heat to the room.

Since all the “calories are squeezed” out of the fuel, the author of know-how says that even the boiling of a kettle takes much less gas than before.
The described device not only makes the process of combustion more profound. While being heated, this burner also irradiates powerful infra-red rays. Actually, this is what causes the immense heat, so that the kitchen and even its walls are warm and dry: the currents of heat that usually move upwards, disperse here into all directions.
Yekimovskikh has got his discovery not at once. About 15 years ago he had launched a firm – Lviv Souvenirs Ltd . He was particularly involved into production of ceramic souvenirs. In order to burn ceramics the craftsman had to construct a miniature gas furnace. It was at that time that Mr.Yekimovskikh noticed that the alloy he had used gave an infra-red ray while heating. This principle became a basis for the future know-how.
In addition to the kitchen, the master began to improve the stoves that heat his rooms. He attached small fixtures onto each burner, so now it consumes much less fuel in order to heat his whole apartment.
Inventions! That’s His Cup of Tea!
It will be worth of saying that it is not the first invention of 49-year-old Lviv citizen. Born as a natural researcher he had become the author of a peculiar invention – projection of any image on any shape and material. The portrayed images are not exposed to precipitation, temperature changes and endure high humidity.
In 2001 Mr.Yekimovskikh “fathered” the quartz ultra-violet irradiator for medicinal and bactericidal action. Being well aware of the financial situation at the local medical establishments, the inventor simply granted his lamps to the hospitals incapable to buy them (price per unit $10). After all, those devices found more profound application in domestic conditions. In case influenza, dysentery or any other virus infection has visited your home, the ultra-violet rays will annihilate all germs mercilessly.
Here is another invention in a row. The author believes that his burner should make the municipal authorities consider deeper the problem of central heating. There are many convincing arguments for that purpose. For instance, the boiling 1 litre of water by means of electricity takes 150W that costs 1 copeck, whereas the improved Mr.Yekimovskikh’s gas-burner can boil 10 liters of the same liquid for the same money. Advantages are more than obvious. Such an approach provides the economy of great amount of energy resources. The author estimated that if Ukrainians applied his invention into everyday life, the country would save UAH 20 billion yearly merely on food cooking. Another 50 billion could be saved on heating the living quarters! Generally speaking, the innovator continues, how much gas we could economize on a whole world scale! The scientists calculated that gas fuel reserves will last for some 50 years!
The Kitchen Became a Gas Chamber
But the problem lies not only in the economy of gas. The gas that has not burnt completely in our kitchens becomes a hazardous air-polluter. Our women who spend more time at the cookers can surely say how it tells on their lungs. This matter could not help drawing the Lviv “Edison’s” attention.
Mr.Alexander narrates that recently an American woman won a case against the famous tobacco company Philip Morris.   The court decided that the company was obliged to pay the woman $178 billion as a compensation for the lungs cancer. The Philip Morris’s fault was that they had not warned their customers that customers could cause such a disease.
At the same time, Ukrainian housewives are simply unaware of the harm the open combustion of gas makes and no-one warns them about it. Moreover, many scientists conduct such researches. It is doubtful if the state has any standards concerning the accessible norms of gas combustion emission. At the same time our industry keeps churning out technologically obsolete cookers that not only employ extra fuel but also are hazardous to our health.
And Alexander Yekimovskikh fixtures reduce such hazardous emissions threefold. The harmful sulphur and other additives that saturate the “blue fuel” not pollute the air in such quantities, because the new burners correspond to the international ecological standards known as “Blue Angel”.
Thus our kitchens must become safer for our health. Moreover, the Galitian inventor indicates his index finger upwards, the improved gas-burners will become a source of a powerful infra-red irradiation, that are the same rays that the sun sends to us, that influences the human organism only positively.
Mr.Yekimovslikh challenges in such a way the existing up-to-date technologies. He speaks about changes in the standards of manufacturing of gas cookers on all-country scale. Mr.Alexander appeals to the producers of such an equipment to consider the problem and stop churning harmful kitchen appliances. He is the first to show the example of how to find a way out.
New Gas-burners Into Your Homes and Production
The project of  Mr.Yekimovskikh has now been patented. It has been recognized  by certain scientists and experts. This know-how has even appeared in some appartments in Lviv. Alexander has rearranged the heating systems at his friends’ homes. But when is the innovation going to be available for us, laymen?
The inventor forecasts it is going to happen very soon that the equipment will be put into mass production. With the assistance of several Lviv business the completion  of a small factory  which will produce the burners is about to finish. The device is going to be accessible at the price not higher than UAH 15 – 20.
We are not talking, of course, that this production is universal, for there are cookers of different modifications. Even the production of one and the same plant differs  from one another. So, Mr.Yekimovskikh plans to design 10 types of the fixtures that are different in size, price, etc. After all, their appearance will depend on their purpose: burners for rooms heating and for food cooking of different configuration, although assigned for the same gas cooker.
The efficiency of gas boilers will be increased by corresponding models of the burners and less fuel will be wasted.
The fixtures of a special purpose are also planned. It is no secret that some people melt metals (gold, etc.) at home or make ceramics. The inventor wants to help them, too. The special gas burners will help “to squeeze” the temperature over 1000°C from an ordinary gas cooker. Also, mini-furnaces which would “develop” the temperature of up to 1420°C and will be possible to use in a number of technological processes in medicine, heat engineering and agriculture, etc.
 You can enter Mr.Alexander Yekimovskikh’s kitchen right from the yard. There are no heating appliances in it, but for the gas cooker. But it is very warm in this spacious room  (by the way, there is a humid and cold cellar underneath). It becomes clear that such a climate is provided by a simple gas burner which emits the red rays into different directions. And it seems to be so hot that it makes you want to take off your shirt! African heat! It became possible only owing to a new invention of the master of the appartment.
Mr.Yekimovskikh has attached a special burner onto the standard gas-cooker, that allows to save the “Blue fuel” and gives seven times more heat. Now this know-how helps to cook faster and allows its inventor to have a cheap flat heating.
photo:Mr.Alexander Yekimovskikh’s device will make it possible to increase the heating capacity of burning gas sevenfold and reduce the noxious fume threefold.
This small burner heats Alexander’s bath-room.

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