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>> Moloda Galychyna "OUR KULIBIN" SEES HIS FUTURE INVENTIONS IN HIS SLEEP" (September 29, 2001)

PHOTO: The Quartz lamp of Alexander Yekimovskikh will kill germs right in your home.
 A.Yekimovskikh won the case vs. Pryvatbank in Lviv. He found out many other different and useful things, but he is especially proud of this achievement. In 1999 “Day” newspaper and Mr.Yekimovskikh won the trial proving that within 2 years UAH 359,000 were transferred via banking account of  the inventor’s firm Lviv Souvenirs Ltd.
 He describes those events with pleasure, although all he needed from his professional qualities in order to accomplish that was patience and persistence. He did not have dream about the way out of that intricate juridical situation like it usually happens with his inventions. It was due to his stamina.
I must confess that this time it is not the case I am interested in, but Mr.Yekimovskikh’s brand new invention – quartz ultra-violet irradiators with bactericidal and medicinal effect. He designed them, improved and made them smaller for the sake of home using. 

I am trying his lamp on me, feeling as if I am Maria Sklodovska-Kyuri. It is a small oblong lamp together with a light attachment that is a power supply unit in order the lamp could be portable. Right after the lamp has been switched on the strong smell of ozone filled the room that makes you feel being at the hospital. The device should operate not longer than 30 minutes. It is enough for killing all viruses and bacteria in the premises, basement and water. It is for the sake of prophylaxis. But if influenza, dysentery or other virus infection entered your home, the ultra-violet will leave no chance to stay.
Alexander Yekimovskikh saw that lamp in his sleep and other inventions as well. He woke up with the idea to perfect the lamp and to make it a reliable and quick way of treatment for everyone – through hiring. He bought 500 lamps at his cost and after he improved them he offered them for usage like a refrigerator or TV-set for UAH 3 per day in order to “cleanse” the living quarters. Since the local hospitals could not afford buying the lamps at the prime cost (USD10) he granted 10 lamps to the Lviv Tuberculosis hospital (where they are in need most of all) and 50 lamps to the Beneficial Fund “Galychyna” for further distribution among the hospitals of the region.
Alexander immediately received the wholesale order from the Germans, who traditionally feel the advantages of his Know-How. There will be no wonder if in few years our doctors will buy extremely expensive “German” ultra-violet irradiators for the last money wondering their hands of gold. Does it happen for the first time?   

I Got More Than Newton

Designing lamps for Alexander Yekimovskikh is just a hobby. His constant hobby (besides of his favourite work of a railway man which he had to quit because of the trauma) are the following: Alexander Yekimovskikh coinage, copying the coins, seals, weapons, modeling and painting. He grew up in Sverdlovsk and after the demobilization from the army Alexander left for Lviv where he was a prizeman at all youth’s artistic exhibitions. In Vladyvostok while serving in the Army his passion was discovered and he managed the process of souvenirs manufacturing in the educational studios established for him.
   Starting from 1977 being already a Lviv citizen, he worked at the railway company and never forgot his hobby.  It happened so that he dedicated more time for his hobby because of the ...Komsomol Committee. He was given the assignment to set up the Operational Staff On Misappropriation of the State Property. Soon (like everything he handled) his campaign became particularly successful taking the first place in the USSR and his activity was described in all newspapers.
A.Yekimovskikh might have remained “a blood-congealing threat” for the embezzlers but the tragic accident happened and changed his entire life. In 1985 while carrying out one of the taking-in-charge operations he had ridden 5km catching the roof of the escaping car. When the runaways applied the brakes he fell down and hit the head very badly.
When he stayed under the intensive medical care – the doctors detected a concussion of the brain, amnesia and a partial loss of the vision. They managed to fix memory problems and Alexander remembered his entire life, his childhood literally from the moment of his birth. The disintegration process of his mind the doctors were awaiting for did not occur. Having regained his senses the craftsman of coinage felt himself an inventor.
“I got more than sir Newton from the apple,” Alexander is joking. “So, I had to register myself as a disabled person and get down to what I had reckoned just as a hobby – inventive work.”
Lviv Souvenirs Ltd.
This is how A.Yekimovskikh named his firm. He produced such precise replicas that he could have been burnt in the Middle Ages for forging. He made coins, rare medals, seals and arms all made of metal and ceramics andrare objects from the Hermitage   accessible and inexpensive for every collector. There seem to be no limits and fields that the craftsman cannot demonstrate his skills in! Well, the favourite “subjects” of Alexander are physics and chemistry. He certainly constructed his own perpetuum mobile (perpetual motion) which he stopped in a year. That’s why there are no limits for him in the field of science and art: “yesterday” he discovered frescoes that can be performed by means of an ordinary printer and that can last for 100 years and “today” he invented ultra-violet lamps.
The frescoes are also the true fact. The technique of their production is Yekimovskikh’s Know-How. He has invented the method of carrying “Epson” printer inks into any material. One can decorate walls of a house but this invention suits best of all for churches. These frescoes are comparatively not expensive – USD 150 per 1sq.metre. That’s why the German investors left behind our home investors and have already offered to set up a Joint Venture.

“I Dream of Building My Own Temple

    During the arrival of the Pope of Rome the Dutchmen used Yekimovskikh’s Know-How (Alexander made the matrix for church candles with the image of John Paul II). When he left for Berlin the Germans used his service: he made 15 thousand ceramic prints with the view of the German capital.
Besides, the inventor solved the mystery of the famous blue ceramics of  “WEDGEWOOD”  that remained an enigma for hundreds of  years. He solved it and improved again: he could obtain more refined images. All this makes him no less happy than winning the case vs. Pryvatbank, so to speak, that “WEDGEWOOD cannot reproduce him but he managed!
“I simply analyzed everything I saw around me. It seems to me that the world is a construction. It can be pieced up and disassembled back into tiniest pieces and every time in a different way. I am like a perfumer who senses all its constituents. My biggest dream is to build the temple floating on the water where everything would rotate and it would “live” by itself – only by means of the atmospheric energy without any side factors.  The energy is present everywhere and we only have to learn how to discover and set it free. Such a temple with “the liberated” energy could serve as a visual manual and the model of the whole world.
There were no Nobel Prize laureate in Ukraine. This is not because of the absence of the talented people, experimenters and inventors in Ukraine (some of the prize-winners came from Ukraine) but because people of Ukraine do not trust one another and cannot believe that the home products can be highly qualitative. The West welcomes our citizens and promptly erases their national identity. Who knows, perhaps few years later (few decades later) Alexander Yekimovskikh’s frescoes will replace all churches decorations throughout the world and his ultra-violet lamps will become the desk lamps in every home...
At least then the Ukrainian scientists would start a profound studying of the legacy of the “foreigner” from Ukraine. True enough, in order to achieve public recognition one has to die. What the inventor is supposed to do about it?!

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