Wednesday, March 17, 2004


(or how the new ideas are breaking their way in the thorny paths of the bureaucratic jungles).
The events of the past days have once again drawn our attention to one of the Lviv entrepreneurs (he is the inventor published in “Vysokyi Zamok” (High Castle). In fact, he is the one who has invented and patented a principally new, extraordinary gas burner. But the master of the Know-How has been misunderstood despite the fact that a mass production of the invented device is sure to bring significant profits into the National Economy and be advantageous for each of us just as well.

The inventor has become out of favour with the local authorities instead of being encouraged and even speaks about having been threatened.
To cut a long story short – Alexander Yekimovskikh has constructed, tested and been using a principally new gas burner which looks very similar to an ordinary gas cooker burner. The device is incredibly effective so that water in a kettle or a pot heats up two times quicker and a room heats up without superfluous waste of energy. Since the burner is made of a special alloy and it is made of a special alloy and it is a catalyst of complete gas combustion it entirely corresponds to all the ecological norms and guarantees avoiding noxious gas fumes.
It is easy to realize how many local people, who try to make ends meet would like to own such an economical and sanitary burners in their homes. What astronomical costs could be saved at the industrial objects instead of purchasing the expensive sources of energy!
In order to substantiate his observations an amateur Mr.Yekimovskikh appealed to men of science, particularly, the Head of the Chair of Metrology, Standardization and Certification of the National University “Lvivska Politechnika”, professor Petro Stolyarchuk. He had been researching the Yekimovskikh’s burner with his colleague – an assistant professor of the same chair, Vasyl Yatsuk – for two months (!) using the modern methodologies, measuring instruments; modeling various modes and emergency situations. At the end of the investigation they had reported the results on 11 pages advancing their arguments in terms of formulas, diagrams and comparative graphics. Here are some conclusions of the scientific research: “The metal disc elaborated by A.Yekimovslikh for 99% and is an emitter of infra-red irradiation. The effectiveness of the device according to the various methods of investigation, at different gas expenditures makes 2,5 – 7 times”.
The scientists have proved that the Yekimovskikh’s invention is worthy of great attention. Its principle can be useful in everyday life, agriculture and industry. The assistant professor V.Yatsuk confessed in his interview to the journalists that he had been a witness to a real small miracle while researching the sample and its performance.
Professor P.Stolyarchuk informs that such characteristic effectiveness has been gained due to the distinctive burner construction and the unique alloy it is made of, although he admitted its phenomenon still remains incompletely studied. He also added that the new gas burner is as safe as the traditional one and regretted not having the invention in his appartment.
 A.Yekimovskikh does not reveal the secret about the  metal this device is made of. This is his intellectual property and he has all reasons to defend it from competitors. The components of the alloy are a mystery not only for the Ukrainian scientists. Business men from Russia, Romania, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Japan are trying to redeem the invention of “Lviv Edison” but in vain. The inventor has also refused to discuss the technical details of his Know-How with journalist from one of the local papers . The reporter, says Yekimovskikh, behaved very rude. He had produced a certificate of a reporter of the edition he had never worked for and said “he did not know and did not even want to other reporters of that edition” and characterized all the articles concerning the Yekimovskikh burner merely as “yellow press”.  The author of the Know-How became suspicious towards the not desired visitor and demanded the formula of alloy promising to promote the inventor in his newspaper, which would bring him fame and fortune in the nearest future. After Yekimovskikh refused to share any information about his invention with the nosy reporter, the later while leaving promised to make big problems to the author. After that threat Yekimovskikh, afraid for his safety and his intellectual property future appealed to the police and the public prosecutor’s office. But the problems appeared quickly. From the beginning of a working week when the gas burner was installed at a school boiler-room and the director merely decided to test the heater in order to save money on gas expenses, but suddenly arrived labour protection inspector and made real fuzz. He called all explanations concerning the gas burner safety a non-sense. He ignored all scientific back-ground that proved the reasonability of the usage of Yekimovskikh’s invention. Not having found the device itself (it had been removed temporarily for the boiler-room had been reconstructed at the moment) the inspector tried to find other reasons in order to fine the school director who had appealed to the inventor for help and regretted that! The director was fined and the verdict to close down the boiler-room came out in the middle of the heating season. The director is sure to quit any initiative of that sort for sure.
The author of this publication has his own opinion. The Soviet rudiments “you cannot do that” are still deep in people heads. Such people still detest self-made genius and accept only circulars and cooky-pushing in the face of the authorities. Who else but these very authorities are to support such Yekimovskikhs in their initiatives? I think this has to be done by means of the press.
And if we really consider the health service and what the government should aarrange in order to protect our lives, then why thousands of old-fashioned gas-cookers are still at our markets nowadays? These appliances poison their users polluting the environment 3 times more than their foreign analogies. But strange as it may appear the corresponding state inspectorates do not work out this problem as eagerly as they silence the inventors like Yekimovskikh in their intention to change at least slightly this foolish stagnancy.   

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