Thursday, October 13, 2005

Krok "New Tecnnologies. The Sensational Inventions of Alexander Yekimovskikh" (October 13, 2005 )

The first public announcement of the offers of the talented inventor was a real sensation for society! That is what businessmen and manufacturers are waiting for.
This Know-How enables to save and move quickly forward developing at the same time business and private manufacture .
Alexander Yekimovskikh, the general director if the International Center of New Technologies Introduction "Teplotsentr-Akademia", invited via his own web-site all interested persons for cooperation one month before the Investment Exhibition took part 5-7th October in the Palace of Art. Around 10,000 potential partners and future users responded to his invitation written in three languages (Ukrainian, Russian and English).
The direct communication at the exhibition proved that the society is interested in A.Yekimovskikh's inventions.
Why the formation is interesting according to the Yekimovskikh's technology ?
Because the cliches for polygraphy, office seals, personal artistic seals  and what is most important using the invention at mints, jeweller's factories and workshops can be produced by means of the technology of high precision three-dimensional and graphic formation of Yekimovskikh . The forms, original models of the future coins, medals, orders, badges and jewellery are manufactured quickly and inexpensively.
The invention can be used at plants, factories and construction bureau for precision engineering production.
For instance, first any image is projected on paper with a pen or printer and later the special polymer will be projected that actually polymerizes depending on the height of image volume from 1 till 15 minutes. It is possible to get the height of the volumetric image from 0,25 microns up to 700 microns, that is 0,7mm.
Yekimovskikh's invention is the new instument in projecting and manufacturing of new products from ideas to introduction of minimal investments. The precision of performance is from 10 up to 100 times higher than the computer one and the prime cost of the original models working out is 10-100 times less than the existing world technologies.
The new means of formation of the miniature images includes: photographic processes; manual engraving - the most expensive and labour-consuming work; computer engraving that foresees the compiling of the complex programmes at the precision  not higher than 0,01mm; manual formation by means modelling from wax, plasticine and other materials.
The form matrix with the artistic and graphic volumetric projection is obtained from the projected flat original instead that is the simplest and most inexpensive way of formation in the world. Among the potential partners concerning the manufacturing of the office equipment according to the Yekimovskikh's technology there are the following powerful companies of the world: Epson, HP, Canon, Konika –Minolta, Xerox, Sharp, Lexmark, Toshiba, Olimpus, Samsung, Dell і Oki… The one who will buy Yekimovskikh's technology will be the only manufacturer of the new office equipment in the world. The 1st December 2005 will be final term for consideration of the purchase of formation Know-How. The launching price of sale on the formation technology makes 3 mln EURO.
Who is going to produce your catalysts?
The previous times we described already one more Yekimovskikh's invention - the catalysts of the natural gas combustion for the household cookers (article. «The Domestic Sun of Alexander Yekimovskikh", №3).
There is still time for concluding the results of the competition on introduction of Yekimovskikh's Know-How advertised on his web-site and at the exhibition (also 1st December 2005).
Thus the most interesting and powerful partner on introduction of the gas combustion catalysts in Ukraine and abroad will be determined. A.Yekimovskikh's made offers to the ambassador of Russia in Ukraine Mr.Chernomyrdin and the mayor of Moscow Mr.Luzhkov. Naftogas of Ukraine showed an interest in cooperation concerning the introduction of gas combustion catalysts for the household cookers in Ukraine. The effective negotiations are held with the manufacturers from Czechia, Slovakia, Romania, Germany and Russia concerning the coproduction of the catalysts in Ukraine.
However, Alexander Yekimovskikh searches for one global partner for manufacturing and distribution of the catalysts in Ukraine and abroad.

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