Thursday, February 26, 2004



 The Japanese Took an Interest in Yekimovskikh’s Burner

The publication about the Lviv entrepreneur and his inventions (“Heating Revolution In Our Homes”) has drawn immense attention among the readers of “Vysokyi Zamok” (High Castle). Particularly, because his self-made heating generators made of a special alloy are believed to be capable of producing much more heating energy and using less gas. According to craftsman’s calculations the economy of energetic resources would make dozens of millions hryvnyas each year. Furthermore, since the “Yekimovskikh’s Heaters” can produce infra-red rays, as the scientists have proved as a result of their testing, their usage essentially reduces noxious fumes in the environment.

Thousands of people from all over Ukraine have demonstrated their burning desire to take advantage of using the device of the article hero – the phones in the publishing-house went red from ringing. Not only the ordinary dwellers of their half-frozen houses called the editors, but the managers of big enterprises and municipal establishments showed the utmost interest in reference to the invention and its author. The budgetary organizations which try to save every penny quite literally also appealed to Alexander Yekimovskikh for aid and he responded to the request of the director of Lviv secondary school #27. They upgraded the boiler (capacity 067mW). That heats one of the biggest schools of the town and installed the Know-How within 2 hours.
When the boiler room worked in the new mode already for 2 days the experts started their calculations and found out that the velocity of boiler heating increased 10 times, its capacity – 3 times and its efficiency – 13 times. The following facts are of interest to us: while a standard burner heated 12 tons of water in the heating system at its full capacity (44m³ of gas per hour) only up to 60°C, the Yekimovskikh’s burner does the same using only 14m³. If it works at its full capacity it makes water boil.
In other words, the Know-How heats the school building using 3 times less gas.
The Japanese entrepreneurs also got to know about the miracle burners from “Vysokyi Zamok” and offered the master a contract for his invention. Mr.Alexander’s reply was absolutely negative as he said that his country needed that device for its own urgent purposes.
The craftsman is yet unable to satisfy the great demand for his burners, but approximately in two months various modifications of these devices will be put into mass production in Ukraine. The author will let everyone know when it happens. That’s why editors ask readers not to call any more.

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