Friday, August 10, 2018

I invite to invest in companies that are world producers of automotive tires and other rubber-technical products made of carbon black.


          I invite to invest in companies that are world producers of automotive tires and other rubber-technical products made of carbon black.

          OBJECTIVES OF INVESTMENT: сonstruction of a plant producing technical carbon with a capacity of 3 to 5 million tons per year.
          The plant will be located on the territory of the Zhovkivsky district of the Lviv region, near the village of Velyki Gribovichi.
          The basis for the production of technical carbon will be the household garbage collected during 55 years of the existence of a garbage landfill in the city of Lviv. The total volume of Griffin landfill - solid waste (solid waste) is 55 million tons.

          The effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed project are as follows:
 -  lack of transportation costs;
 - availability of own cheap electric power, which will be produced with the help of its own turbo-electric generator "STELS" (the invention of O. Yekimovskikh);
 - free raw material for the production of carbon black;
 - preferential tax legislation in Ukraine and the EU;
 - there is a sufficient number of highly skilled workers in the region.

          Proceeding from the above, the proposed project will be profitable, taking into account the cost price of carbon black and based on economic and environmental indicators for any manufacturer and consumer of those carbon, as according to preliminary calculations, from 55 million tons of recycled waste, it will be possible to receive not less than 80% of those. carbon, which is 44 million tons.
          You can familiarize yourself with the preliminary financial and economic calculations of this project and take part in the discussion at the session of the Zhovkva District Council of Lviv Oblast, which will be held in the first decade of September 2018.

inventor                                                                                                               O. Yekimovskikh

This invitation is addressed to the following companies:

Aeolus  ChemChina, Alliance Tire Group (ATG),  Alliance Yokohama, Antares, Armstrong Tire,  Atturo. Aufine, Avon Tyres, Bridgestone, СEAT Tyres Limited, Cabot Corporation , Calgon Carbon Corp., Comforser, Continental, Cooper, Cosmo Tires, CST Tires, Debica, Davanti,  Delinte,  Doublestar Tire Co. Ltd.,  Dunlop,  Event Tyres B.V., Falken,  Federal,  Firestone,  Fulda, General Tire, Gisla ved, Giti Tire, Goodyear, Goldline, Grenlander, Gripmax, Groundspeed,  Haycarb PLC Sri Lanka, Hankook, Haohua Tire, Hercules Tires, HiFly, Infinity EcoFour, Interstate Tire & Rubber, Jinyu Tires, Kapsen, Kleber, Kuraray,Kumho Tire, Landsail , Lassa, Laufenn, Luxxan, Marshal Tyres,  Mastercraft, Matador, Membat, Michelin, Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels, Midas, Milestar, Momo, MRF Limited, Multistrada Arah Sarana (MASA),  Nankang, Nitto, Nokian, Omni United, Pace, Pantera Tire, Petlas, Pirelli, Point S Developmen, Росава, Presa, Primewell Sport 910, Prinx Chengshan Tire Company Ltd., Prinx Europe, Rotalla, Routeway, Rydanz, Sava, Sears Holding Corp, Semperit,  Shina.Guide, Sotera, Starfire, Sumitomo, Supermax, Triangle, Toyo Tire, Tomason, Tomket, Toyo, Tracmax, TreadWright Inc. , Triangle Tire, Tyfoon, Uniroyal, Van den Ban HiFly, Viatti, Wanli Tire Corporation Limited, ZC Rubber, Zhaoqing Junhong, Zeetex, Zeta Tires, Zenises Group, YC Rubber, Yokohama

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