Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Head of Government, Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel

Dear Angela Merkel

I appeal to you about the energy independence of Germany. My invention, NOU-HAU, turbo-electric generator, can be completely replace-compensate for the shortage of electricity in Germany, after decommissioning of all NPP power units. These turbo-electric generators can be installed in territories owned by existing nuclear power plants, using their infrastructure.

The source of energy for my turboelectric generators can be domestic and industrial garbage, any composition that is stored on garbage landfills of the 20th century !!!

My technology for the production of electrical and thermal energy is absolutely the safe, environmentally friendly closed cycle of production of thermal and electrical energy, with the complete absence of harmful emissions in the surrounding environment medium (0,0% СО2, NOx and other harmful substances and gases).

Production and installation of thermal power stations with heat power generators for my drawings can be executed for example by firm SIMENS. In a year it is possible to build and install on a turn-key thermal power station up to 1 GW of power. The estimated price of 1 MW - 1 000 000 Euro.Sincerely, inventor Alexander Yekimovsky

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