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"THE ANATOMY OF THE PERPETUAL MOBILE Or The Domestic Sun On Your Gas Cooker", Zerkalo Nedeli (“The Weekly Mirror”), (#5, 11th of February , 2006.)

“Zerkalo Nedeli” (“The Weekly Mirror”), #5, 11th of February , 2006
Maryna Oliynyk (Lviv)
Alexander Yekimovskikh, the Director General of his own firm “Lviv Souvenirs”, fully corresponds to the image of real inventor . He speaks hurriedly , always with many ideas, plans and projects on his mind. By the way, those ideas and plans enter his head in his sleep. He possesses his own outlook upon the world and notices what others disregard and so not only in the technical area. He believes that one of his inventions – the Yekimovskikh’s Thermogenerator – can save the gas for the country for at least UAH 20 billion! Yet, the thermogenerator is but one amidst his other inventions.

Zerkalo Nedeli: Mr. Alexander, they say souvenirs are your hobby?
Alexander Yekimovskikh: Yes, duplicating of orders,medals,seals,cold weapon... In older times I would have probably become a money forger (laughs)
I was born and brought up in Sverdlovsk (nowadays Yekaterinburg). When still a schoolboy I had always won art exhibitions prizes. Serving as a Red Army private I arranged art studios where we produced souvenirs. After the military service I moved to Lviv.
I had been working for the Railway Company since 1977, but I did not quit the hobby. I had to be combining everything with working for the operations section. They had charged me with an assignment at the local Komsomol Committee and I had to form a troop fighting the Social property pilfering in the region.
Zerkalo Nedeli: ... and you took up the task enthusiastically?
A.Y.: Well, the troop I had formed had existed for 10 years and acknowledged to be the best in Ukraine and the USSR. All the media were writing about us then.
I might have remained threatener to all the pilferers unless there had been a dramatic accident. Back in 1985 I took a 5 kilometre ride on a car roof of the stealers we were chasing. When the automobile braked I went down on the ground and got seriously injured. Doctors found I had had a concussion of the brain, a lapse of memory and a partial loss of the sight.
ZN: But it all turned out to have been the case when there is no bad without something good coming your way, too?
A.Y.: The docs succeded in re-establishing my memory, although they had been afraid that I would have ended up a degrade, which is the most predictible aftermath of such tramas as mine were.But my case was quite the contrary. It was then when I – let’s say- woke up and found myself an inventor.
I had been shared more generously than Isaac Newton with his famous apple. I had to arrange all the necessary papers for my invalidity and got down to what I had previously treated as a mere hobby, that is souvenirs and my inventions.
I had launched souvenir production within the frames of the joint Soviet-Polish enterprise “Ukrapol” in 1989. It was the first joint Ukrainian-Polish company in the USSR in those times. In February 1991 the Lviv Souvenirs Ltd was formed I have been its Director General ever since.    
We produced such precise immitations that I ought to have been burned alive in the Middle Ages. Coins, rare medals, seals and cold weapon – in metal and ceramics – the rarities from the Ermitage were made inexpensive and available for everyone.
ZN: The Perpetual Mobile, every inventor’s dream... Have you endeavoured to construct one?
A.Y.: I have . Gave up in a year. Besides that, I had invented the method of reproduction of frescoes with the help of a casual printer in 1996. Those immitations are exposable to the 100% humidity and the temperature range from –30°C up to 130°C during the period of a hundred years! This is my know-how and it’s similar to none in the whole world. That same year I had invented – one more know-how of mine – the method of projection of  printer inks upon any relief and spheric surfaces. My “frescoes” are ten times less expensive than any others in Europe.
When the Pope was visiting Ukraine I produced the matrix for church candles with the Holy Father’s image. Later I went to Germany and came back with 15,000 units of Berlin views portrayed in ceramics.
Yet, that is not that... I have managed to find out what the secret of the world famous blue ceramics products of the British firm “Wedgewood” was. This recipe has been concealed for hundreds of years. It is but the firm and myself who know the method.
ZN: One of your inventions promises a new generation of the organic technology to the mankind.
A.Y.: Yes, we now may be speaking about the technology of shapes in high-precision 3-Dimensional graphic relief construction . It is possible to manufacture cliches for polygraphy , office and art print.  This technology is rapid and inexpensive , but capable of serving at mints as well as being applied in jeweller’s craft.
The graphic image can even be sketched with a pen on a sheet of paper and , by means of the exlusive polymer, projected into a relief graphic image. The rapidness and precision of such performance is much higher than such task accomplished with the use of the PC methods , whereas the prime cost would be a way lower...
ZN: Few years ago there were tons of ads offering ultra-violet emitters for a rent.
A.Y.: Right. I had invented the powerful and portable voltage source for quartz ultra-violet emitters for the bactericidal medicinal application. I purchased 500 quartz lamps for my own money and turned them into 500 ultra-violet emission units . As it progressed I offered the emitters for a rent, which was 3 UAH per 24 hours with your home cleansed away from the infectuous bacteria. I presented 50 lamps to the Charity fund “Galychyna” to be later distributed among the hospitals around the region. Another 10 were granted to the tuberculous infirmary where they stand in greatest demand. There was a revision conducted some time later and it proved no tuberculosis bacilli in the hospital quarters.
ZN: Well, then where does the idea of the most fabulous invention of yours come from? Talking about the thermogenerator, so called Yekimovskikh’s burner.
A.Y.: I came across the idea of manufacturing porcelaine miniatures . Baking them in large furnaces is a very complex and time-taking procedure. Thus I came up with a miniature furnace for the ceramics baking on a casual gas cooker.
I had been testing various alloys and resulted in the construction allowing one to get one’s gas cooker ring to heat up to + 1350°C, that is the temperature of the porcelain baking and at which all the color metals except platinum melt down. Imagine your gold, copper, brass melting within few minutes right down on the cooker ring.
It will take you applying the forced air supply system in order to reach the necessary temperature at jewel refectories. Water from the humid air being supplied along with the gas through pipes is decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen and lends to the full gas combustion. This is how I have acquired that additional temperature.
Normally when the gas is burning the oxygen from the air a person breathes in gets taken away. This side effect can be reduced to the minimum when you begin to use my thermogenerators.
Besides that the red hot metallic disk in the place of an ordinary burner has at the same time become a ppowerful infra-red emitter. Indeed this is a domestic imitation of the sun with no harmful ultra-violet rays alongside. The ordinary burner spreads its warmth only upwards whereas my sun does in every direction”
ZN: Is this invention patented?
A.Y.: The method and the invention is my know-how. However, one may patent only one’s models. About 25 industrial models have been designed for the household application on all the modifications of kitchen gas cookers and gas stoves.
In 2004 I launched the enterprise “Teplotsentr Akademia Ltd” for introduction of all my inventions into the serial usage. All the most inexpensive and affordable for the Ukrainians infra-red emitters will be put into mass production. The price of one such unit should not exceed UAH 25 with such an emitter costing from 100 to 600 EUROS in Germany. The rest of the models are going to be manufactured at individual orders only.
ZN: Are there any analogues of your catalysts in the world?
A.Y.: I have not invented the catalytic combustion, but merely built it up to the standard kitchen gas cooker. With the efficiency of one about 50-55% the efficiency of my device nearly reaches 100%. They use up the maximum amount of energy there is to be taken from the gas. We can reduce the gas consumption in the country 2-3 times less, and then, I think our own resources of the blue fuel will suit enough for meeting the needs of the Ukrainians. The scientists from the university “Lvivska Politekhnika” have proved that the installation of the my burners on the gas cookers throughout Ukraine will save about UAH 20 billion only boiling water. When they calculated the amount of the gas combustion energy consumed on heating, cooking and washing, etc...
ZN: Do the authorities know about your invention?
A.Y.: The problem is that our government alters too frequently. I informed the Cabinet and other concerned authorities about the results of my investigations when Yanukovich has still been a Prime Minister. They promised to help me to launch the device into mass production, but only when the elections went by. However, that government lost those elections.
I appealed to the new authorities. Tymoshenko’s government regarded my proposals and promised to assist at every level. The reply from Naftogas with Nemchenko’s signature arrived promising they should urgently install my catalysts at consumers’ homes in order to save the gas, but Nemchenko has also been displaced.
They offered me a list of enterprises in Lviv suitable for the production of my generators when Tymoshenko was still at power. I have attended them all and chosen those where we might produce a million generators a month, but marketing is a problem. I need either a centralised state order or a serious business partner. I am willing and able to only produce but sell.
Now the negotiations with the government have begun their third round and there is no telling when it is going to end. Everybody is too busy with the elections promising their help and support only when it is all over and they have won!
More still, I already have another proposal to our government...
ZN: Is it really a perpetual mobile?
A.Y.: Almost. I have already appealed to Mr.President with the offer of manufacturing and istalling the alternative autonomous super inexpensive sources of energy. I mean mini-hydropower plants, gas power plants and water and coal power plants .
My own autonomous construction of a mini-hydropower plant can decently compete with the world alternative energy sources producers for its high capacity, reliability, simplicity and low cost.
You don’t have to construct any dams and flood the land, but it is possible to adjust my invention on a river or a cannal and the water flow will take care of everything.
ZN: What do inventors dream of?
A.Y.: I simply analyse everything around me. The world around me is just like a large meccano you can put together or scatter, and put back together in a different fashion. Parfumer who senses its components. My dream is to build a temple on water where everything would revolve inside and which would consume the atmosphere energy. No artificial influence. The energy is present everywhere. You only have to discover it and set it free.
But my fondest dream is to build Archimedesland. The Park where the kid might see all the most remarkable achievements of humanity. All working patterns of the contemporary machins, everything the man has invented for the three millenia.

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