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About  two weeks ago my friend, a famous inventor Alexander Ekimovskih called me and asked me to open his website, read one letter and tell my opinion about it.

Before you go to the very letter, i'll tell a bit about Sasha.
In 2006, my friend Milechka Podlyashetskaya, beeing a head of Lviv Regional State Administration introduced Sasha to me.
Before and during the Maidan she was a head of the city organization "Batkivshchyna".
From the very begining of "Batkivshchyna" in Lviv, I was  was a member of the district offices, and a coordinator of relations with other oppositional parties, and of course  Milechka's fan.

When Ivan Denkovich made a revolution in regional "Batkivshchyna" and replaced the
party veterans by defectors of  previous authorities. He expelled Milechka from the party.
I wrote about this in weekly "2000", so i was also  expelled from the party wich was created by

the hero of socialist labor,  rector of Dnipropetrovsk University Vladimir Prisnyakov, veteran soldiers and my father,  Vassily Sirotenko who was a professor of history at the same university.

The new governor - Petro Oliynyk, who was  Milechka's colleague  on electoral bloc, appointed her to be the head of organizational department governors.  She invited me to be a freelance consultant on technical matters.
When Sasha came  and started to use abstruse terms, she asked me to come. That's how I met Sasha.
Originally he is from Russian and was born in the "Russian Silicon Valley" - Yekaterinburg.  Like every boy during Soviet years, Sasha had the opportunity to be engaged in after school clubs Junior Technician, Junior Photographer, Junior modelers. His color photographs were shown at many exhibitions , as well as his ships, made in stamping way.
After high school he entered the railway Technical school.  After his graduation, when it was time to go to the army, he asked to send him to the Pacific Fleet.
There he  went  to training squad diving, which was the first michman school in the USSR  for nuclear submarines.

Michman’s school for nuclear submarines was more impressive at that time than Ukrainian and Russian universities nowadays.
Actually Sasha received higher education and knowledge on the level of  higher technical School named after  Bauman. After completing military service in the Navy, Sasha returned to Sverdlovsk, and moved to  his mother, who was in charge of passport offices in Lviv. His mother’s dream  was to see Sasha in a police uniform.
  In Soviet times  policemen protected people and being  policeman was prestigious. Sasha also wanted to be a policeman, but the salary was  very low, and he was already thinking about family.  So he sterted to work as electrician at the Lviv railway station.
Since Commissar Kaganovich times the railroad was a state within a state. And a very rich state. Sasha on the small position received as much as lieutenant in police.
But the work in police department  did not remain just a  dream.
At that times the movement of voluntary national teams has been widespread.  On behalf of the Komsomol, based on that squad with railroad, he organized an operational unit to combat the theft of socialist property. From 1979 and to 1989 he was the commander of the Komsomol Operational Detachment BHSS vigilantes Chief of Staff (on the recommendation of the Komsomol organizer of the Lviv Polytechnic Alexander Shlapak) Komsomol City Committee appointed Andrei Skorokhod with the Polytechnic. They quickly became best friends. Their squad in a short time was the best in the area, then in the city, and after he came on first place in the Union, came to the central pages of newspapers and TV screen.
Alas, that job ended in  tragedy for him. Around 1988, they organized an ambush in meat producing plant. Criminals with a bag of meat began to get away by car. Sasha jumped on the roof of the car. The criminal at high speed dropped Sasha at the turn on the tram tracks and fled. Sasha received severe head trauma.  After this incident the work at railroad was impossible
"That's when I woke up, as the inventor. I got more than Newton got from his apple ‘’- Sasha is joking.  He had to make a disability and do what he had always considered as a hobby -  souvenirs and inventions.
In 1989, he organized a production of  souvenirs. We were doing so exact copies, that in the Middle Ages they would have burned me at the stake. Rare items from the Hermitage I made cheap, and accessible to everyone. And one of my invention promises to mankind a new generation of office equipment. This is the technology of high-precision three-dimensional volumetric-graphic relief formation. With this technology, you can make clichy for printing, office printing, graphic arts markets. Not only for yourself, but in the mints at jewelry factories and workshops. Quick and cheap to produce forms, models, copies of future coins, medals, awards, signs, and jewelry. Then he invented a powerful compact power source for quartz lamps. At his own expense, Sasha bought 50 quartz lamps, formed them into a small quartz radiators and gave them to Lviv hospitals, including tuberculosis hospital.  A German delegation visited clinic. The Germans ordered Sasha to make a large batch of these radiators.
And then the famous doctor-dentist Ewald Vares, who was renting some offices in VNII for his scientific center  "Karat" asked Sasha to modify the furnace, for casting metal ceramic prosthesis. Sasha brilliantly coped with this task, and instead of money for the work he asked to give him some leftovers  used in the manufacture of the dentures. The fact was that at that time Vares was looking for a cheap alloy implant teeth.
These plates were made of  almost a hundred different alloys.  When Sasha invented the technology of ceramics it was like one of the famous British pottery firm "\ L / EOSE \ LYUOO \ L / EAYA" and German "ME1155EY", he needed a very high temperature  to anneal . In addition he has nothing but the usual household gas oven.  At that time while, experimenting with plates which he got from Vares, he found an alloy to fit over a gas burner, which provides the necessary temperature of 1200 ° C.   So for these nozzles he devoted the last 10 years.  These catalytic nozzles, turn the convective heat transfer of burning gas also into the  beam transfer.  This enables to increase the calorific value of the burning gas in boiler into several times. He invented a super-efficient and supercheap construction of water vapor gas turbines.
His firm offers:
1. Mini hydro power stations, which have no analogues in the world, with a capacity ranging from 3 to 1 million kW / h, to the rivers, streams and creeks.
2. Gas power stations and gas hydro-electric stations, which have no analogues in the world, with a capacity of 100 to 1 million kW / h for   wells.
3. Water and coal power stations, which have no analogues in the world, with a capacity of 100 to 1 million kW / h for coal mines.
4. Unparalleled in the world of design of wind electric generators and wind hydro generators to a power of 1000 kW / h, as well as wind hydro electric generators ranging from 100 to 1 million kW / h.
5. Portable installation to turn any gas mixture containing carbohydrate into methane.
It's all there. But only in the form of working models,  and the offer. For the manufacturing of industrial plants and power stations  a permition of hundreds of hungry officials is required . For this bureaucratic horde even Akhmetov's money is not enough.
The best thing that illustrates it , is the situation with the introduction of its catalytic nozzles on gas burners.  I was personally involved in testing in the Town Hall and the boiler plant of concrete products.
Then the commission, which included scientists from the National University of Lviv "Lviv Polytechnic" and Kiev self-supporting enterprise  "Certification Test Center of heating devices", and a representative of  Lvov teploenergo,  confirmed high efficiency of Sasha's nozzles on gas burners. With these results Sasha went to Kiev to a ‘’woman with a braid’’.
 He proposed to the prime minister for a little money in the next 2-3 years to upgrade all existing boilers. The next day at the Cabinet meeting, Cherkashin, who was on charge of this issue, addressed to the "woman with a braid" with a request for $ 65 mln. uah  for upgrading boilers.  She smiled and gave - "no problem" and immediately called Industrial Policy Minister and Minister of Finance.  Minister of Industrial Policy strongly supported the modernization of boilers, because they have long called for the modernization of boilers, but acting Finance Minister said that the upgrade was not available for budget and he has no rights to give even a penny for it. "Well, the budget is the budget" - she waved her braid and that was it ... When Sasha returned to the city, it was found that the act  dissapeared, and instead there was another one, just with another numbers. Lviv heat and energy station,instead of assisting Sasha in modernization of its boilers, declared war on him. Sasha accepted the challenge.

Still he is a specialist, not a chatterbox with a purchased diploma. In a court he achieved in order to inspect Lviv teploenergo. This audit showed billions of theft. This report Sasha gave to the first deputy of city prosecutor. But unfortunately ‘’somehow’’ this act was lost in the prosecutor's office.  But  a copy of the Act, Sasha gave to the main prosecutors .
They  are contemplating till nowadays when to star its review. And then Sasha went to that step and asked me to give an opinion. He wrote a letter to the President.
"To the President of Ukraine Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych
 Gift Deed
Dear Viktor Fedorovych, due to the fact that in our country, the common man cannot  fight with bureaucracy and corruption, I decided to give you, as a decent, honest man and the President of Ukraine my license, "Modernization of heat  equipment of Ukraine’’ in honor of 21st  anniversary of Ukraine's independence,  for ensuring gas and energy efficiency and energy efficiency in heat energy generation of Communal Services of Ukraine,  in the production of which,  gas savings can get to 30%.  For the last ten years, I am trying to introduce my invention in Ukraine, but the entire bureaucracy system, prevents me to introduce of my technology.

Knowing you as competent, strong president and a strong reformer who can kill range of the bureaucratic system in Ukraine, I'm counting on you.  With the energy and political will,  you will bring my deal to its logical conclusion, that is to make Ukraine an energy independant and prosperous country.
Ukrainian people believe in you as a worthy President. Only you can make Ukraine a strong country. Only you, Mr. Yanukovych, by your personal example can show officials how is it to be a engine of technological progress. That is my gift to you, as the President of Ukraine, I am sure, it will be used by you for the benefit of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.  I also wish that all inventors of Ukraine, who , cannot deal with the same difficulties in the implementation of their inventions  follow my example. I think there are more than enough worthy inventions in Ukraine.

It is advisable to arrange a competition under your personal  patronage to find promising and successful inventions. For all that you just need a huge personal and professional experience in economic management of your team.
I add all the applications and letters that i wrote to our government and their answers for the last 10 years.
Reading it you will understand how difficult it is being a Ukrainian inventor and how hard is it to achieve aims which are vital and essential for Ukraine.

My appeal please consider a formal and legally sound, so I put it on my personal website in three languages ​​for publication.
I'm sending my gift deed ,about transfer of patent from 10.06.2010 as follows:
(19) C1A (11) 50 630 (13) I) IPC (2009) (51) R23I 14/12 to your property  Mr Yanukovych. I'm sending it in a written form to the Administration of the President of Ukraine.

I wish you health, strength and long life for the benefit of Ukraine. Also I wish success to your professional team in the implementation of all planned by you.
- The inventor Alexander Ekimovskiy.

The list of documents attached:
6. technical and economic study of the project.
7. A list of all formal replies to me from our government for the last 10 years.
P.S In case of realization and implementation of the above project, I am willing to participate as a technical consultant at all stages of realization of the program ''Gas and energy saving".
My other patents in the field of energy conservation, "the production of methane from carbon dioxide and water by electrolysis", by this method we can replace 50%> of all the  natural gas Ukraine demands. Instead of the carbon dioxide there can be any materials containing carbon. Turbine, invented by me with efficiency up to 95% on can be installed as an optional component in all heat-generating power objects. It can also increase  overall efficiency by 30%>, which is in thermal and nuclear power plants.
On the basis of these inventions I invented a new type of internal combustion engines, electrogenic-operators and turbine generators.
These two technologies can offer Ukraine energy security and reduce energy imports. Ukraine will be on the same level with any country in economic indicators of GDP per capita , and the products will be competitive for overseas markets. It will make possible to carry out all the social programs of the state.
Living in Lviv since 1974, I was a member of the CPSU since 1979. After the collapse of the Union, i wasn't engaged in any party, never entered into any parties and organizations which offered me  help for project, but as a result never  help.’’

I will not comment on Sasha's treatment. I did not vote for  this, nor for the previous president. Our bureaucratic population has grown to such a size that only Stalin or Hitler could handle with it.

My childhood was during Stalinist era.
In 1948, when I lived with my father in Chernigiv, to our neighbor Elizabeth Viktorovna Tsytovich came her husband and brother. They came back home after being deported for 10 years.

She was immediately expelled from the party and dismissed from school. Her daughter, who was in a third class wrote a letter to Stalin.  In the letter she wrote that her mother, awarded for educational activities by Order of Lenin, is crying all the time. They have nothing to eat. And that if her father and uncle were guilty of something, then they have suffered  in full and the family shouldn't suffer  for the past.  After a couple of weeks a headmaster of the school was sent to Siberia. Elizabeth V. was restored at the school, and the husband and his brother were given the job.
It was cruel, but fair time. At that time each a sovereign answered his own life for the assigned work.
Even the prison guards did not dare to open and not to send a letter that was addressed to Stalin or another leader. All letters reach their destination and according to them people take action!
My uncle Mark Voronoi was arrested in 1934 on a tip written by Ivan Le. After months of torture inspector Bondarenko forced him to sign the necessary evidence to his friends Rilskiy, Bazhan and Sossura. But they lived a long life, and he was killed in 1937. Sossura, once he was drunk ,personally wrote to Stalin : "Dear Comrade Stalin, in 1934, the year I was expelled from the party as a zoological nationalist, and I can not imagine life without a party. I was brought to thoughts of suicide, but I did not do it because Ukrainian people had suffered too much to see poets' suicide.
The letter ended with the words: "You are my only salvation and refuge. Father! Save me! ".  Stalin wrote a resolution on letter:" Restore in the party. Treat. " 
Sossura has become a leading poet of Ukraine. Nichay Bazhan was saved by awarded Stalin Prize for "The Knight in the Panther's Skin". 
Rylsky's mom asked Khrushchev for her son. Khrushchev called  Stalin and they leave him.
Instead of him  Nicholay Zerov was made a head of "Ukrainian nationalist military organization" .

Mark's mother Vera Verbitskaya dare not to write to Stalin or Khrushchev. That killed the young poet ...
Instead of commenting on Sasha's letter, which he sent  to the Administration of the President, where it will happily lost, I publish it in foreign publications. I hope that among the readers can be found people who understand public and personal benefits from the introduction of his inventions.

Vladimir Sirotenko (Verbitskyy), great-grandson of the author of Ukrainian hymn "Shche ne vmerla Ukraina"

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