Saturday, July 21, 2012

President of Ukraine


Gift certificate

Dear Viktor Yanukovych, due to the fact that in our country, the common man can not fight with the bureaucracy and corrupt officials from power, I decided to give you a decent, honest man, and the President of Ukraine in honor of 21 anniversary of Ukrainian independence, his patent of "modernization teplokotelnogo Ukrainian equipment for energy efficiency and gazoenergocberezheniya teploenergogeneratsii Communal Services of Ukraine, "in which the introduction of housing and agriculture in Ukraine gas savings can be up to 30%.
For ten years I have tried to introduce his invention in the Ukraine, all the bureaucracy from top to bottom I inserted the stick in the wheel, preventing their actions and inactions implement my technology. Knowing you as a competent, strong President and a strong reformer, who will be able to kill the ridge of the bureaucratic system of Ukraine, I'm counting on you that you are his energy and political will to bring your I started it to its logical conclusion, that is, make Ukraine energy independent and prosperous State.

The Ukrainian people believe in you, as a single decent President, but you can make Ukraine strong and competitive nation in every sense. Only you, Viktor Yanukovych, can his personal example to show the officials how to be an engine of technological progress.

My gift to you, as the President of Ukraine, I am sure you will be used for the benefit of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

I also wish that I would have followed the example of all the inventors of Ukraine, which, as well as I can not deal with the same difficulties in the implementation of their inventions and know-how. I think it worthy of inventions in Ukraine for more than plenty. Perhaps a competition under the patronage of your personal perspective and the most successful inventions Ukrainian inventors for funding and implementation of housing and agriculture in Ukraine.

For the above you plenty of great personal and professional experience in economic manager of your team.
You have enclosed all of their treatment for 10 years, our government and their replies. From them you will understand how an inventor is not just a simple purpose to achieve the vital and necessary for Ukraine.
This is my appeal request be considered as an official and legally legitimate, so I put it on your own website in three languages ​​for public disclosure.

In writing this my gift certificate to you, Viktor Yanukovych, the transfer of your property, the patent on 10.06.2010:
(19) UA (11) 50 630 (13) U
Mpc (2009)
(51) F23D 14/12
I send to the address of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine.
I wish you health, strength and long life for the benefit of Ukraine.
Also, I wish you success in your professional team implementing all planned by you.

Inventor Alexander Yekimovskikh

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