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"Enough words ! Actions!", Krok (1 July 2006)

“Enough words ! Actions!”
In the third issue of KROK for 2005 we wrote about Alexandr Yekimovskikh’s efforts to introduce the laminar catylitic combustion of the natural gas he has invented and been promoting since 2003.
The invention helps to economize the gas consumption up to 3 times and magnifies the efficiency of  gas consuming appliances up to the maximum obtainable results. The last winter having been the coldest one in the 30 years has stripped up the existing gas problems – both political and economical…
“What has changed since KROK had published the article about your invention for the first time?
“ On the 5th -7th of  October I took part in the International Investment Market with remarkable success. I had introduced my system of the natural gas combustion there for the first time. The system is most economical , simplest and affordable with no similar one anywhere else in the world for its features and the tempos of installation.
 The basic matter is that the upgrading of boilers is carried out within shortest terms at costs that will pay back in just a month.
“ How do you bring  your inventions into life?
“ The most accessible means of communication for me and my customers is the telephone , as well as my personal Internet web site in 3 languages suggesting that all concerned persons appeal to me. As for the gas saving matters chiefs of enterprises may address likewise, and after meeting them and signing up agreements I get down helping them in every possible way. For instance, the Ferro-Concrete Production Plant #1 in Lviv used to obtain the production of 70% endurance after 12 hours of scalding. Now that their boiler has been upgraded the plant can get its production doubled not burning a single cubic metre of the gas overdue. Thus, the modernization, without essential expenses, takes about a working day paying back in a month. The intensity of production is double and the competibility  of such production is a way higher due to the lower prime cost. The major point is that the steam formation of the boiler is magnified by three times , which equals 3 boilers.
It suits everyone – the producer and , remarkably, the buyer of the ferro-concrete units.
  And such examples are about a dozen. All the meat, milk, sugar, food, spirit and paper industries require overheated steam for conversion of raw materials. The production of heat for the municipal purposes means the better warming-up of  our living quartersallowing sensible economy of the gas without having to increase the rates.
“ Why can’t you carry out the centralized introduction of your invention throughout Ukraine?
“ I can, but it should be at least favoured by the Cabinet and “Naftogas Ukraine” , at most – by the President , the Prime Minister and RNBO. It is the only waythat there is to initiate any serious changes in our state. The second , the third, the fourth and so on rate authorities are merely beauraucrats  ready to practicall y bury any most outstanding scientific idea or technology if not supervised from above.
“ How do the authorities favour your gas combustion system’s  introduction?
“ The most important here, in my opinion, are decrees of the President and the Prime Minister. The officials of any level of power should be prevented from interfering with those people who are beginning to upgrade their boiler rooms on the gas saving purposes. First thing, it regards the budget organizations. We’ve all been waiting for the decrees from above but they have never been issued, so everything lies paralyzed and no-one does anything except winterizing their windows and doors. The President V. Yushchenko had announced a number of necessary laws in project as for the formation of the energy saving organization, but those have remained but words. We still haven’t got real structures of the type and there is a lack of costs in the Ukrainian state budget aimed on that.
 Everybody had been too obsessed with the elections and the coalitions whereas the energy saving was not taken care of , except for certain concerned managers and regular citizens.
“Who of the authorities have you appealed to as for the introduction of your gas combustion system?
“ Beginning with May, 2003 I have been annoying all the past and present officials both in person and through the media, from recently via the Internet.
“What results are expected out of the introduction of your gas catalysts? When?
“I have got the results already – I don’t just bide my time. All the country has responded after the publications in the press and the TV programmes where I showed my combustion catalysts. Especially last winter on the Channel 5. The customers phone at the publishing houses, TV in order to get my telephone number. And those customers are going to have all their needs met 100% sure.
But it is only a beginning… The 3 years of advertising informational campaign of the “Heat Revolution” have taught me to work with the customer, which has turned to be the most difficult point. I had to tour across Ukraine, deepen into the variety of the problems of the modifications of existing boilers and measure everything by myself for the upgrading and afterwards, which takes 10 times longer that the upgrading itself. Now, without having to move anywhere, I can arrange “heat energy first-aid brigades” for the whole country. Such is the aim of the International Centre of Introduction of New Technologies “ Teplotsentr-Akademia”  I have formed. To summarize all this, I am ready to modernize all the boiler systems  of the former USSR that is about 40-70 years old.
 For the ordinary people there exists a certain modernization programme of ATV, KUM, gas cookers and gas water heaters.
 “How many gas heating appliances is known to the statistics of “Ukrgas” ?
   “ They claim the population possesses 16.5 million gas cookers, 4.5 million gas water heaters and 6 million gas heating boilers . Since the decree about the individual heating of apartment houses the number of boilers is likely to become about 12-15 million units. Out of this statistics two thirds was produced back in the times of USSR and I can upgrade it without serious investments from customers saving money for the Ukrainians.
  “How many boiler rooms of the Municipal Economy can you upgrade?
“Everything can be upgraded if it is worth it. For instance, the DCVR and NIISTU boilers are most common for the CIS countries and there are 50 thousands of them in Ukraine. They underlie most effective modernization. Since the heating energy of the steam in them is magnified by two or even three at the same amount of gas consumed. The up-to-date imported boilers maybe upgraded too,but it is inefficient because the increase of the heat formation constitutes 10-30% only.
            “What percentage of the consumed gas is used for the purposes of the population and for the industrial purposes?
“ “Naftogaz” states that out of the 75 billion cubic meters the 50 billion is used by the population with the remaining 25 for the industry.
            About 30 billion is obtained here in Ukraine. This number can be increased up to 50,which means that our country can fully provide itself with the gas heat and electricity for the population and all the infrastructures. With the rapid introduction of the existing energy-saving technologies, including mine, the gas consumption will be able to reduce those 25 billion, which will make Ukraine energetically independent.
            “What dangers are awaiting your activity?
“Many underwater riffs, shallows and icebergs therefore one cant do anything without a map a compass and, most important, responsible and honest people.
The infinity frightens. Having met a lot of officials of any levels of power, the deputies in Kiev I came to know a lot of facts. I do not want to scare the Ukrainians, but certain thoughts for that the black future should not happen I will quote below-
            A former deputy, ”The president has made “Gazprom” sore on purpose. The distribution of the property of a new type is coming up and without the market prices on the gas it wouldn’t be possible. The market prices on the gas, electricity, oil and petrol will make everyone, who has managed to survive, go bankrupt. The factories and plants will be sold at lowest prices as well as the dwellings and the land. After that uncle Sam’s will come and set their technologies on the ruins and beautiful gardens will blossom up on the land and the total unemployment will end. When it happens you will also be given a support in your energy saving activity.”
Faithfully speaking, such happy end suits everyone, but who will last till then?
            One should not get used to that with the Ukrainian mentality, but I, for one, will be assisting at any political split-ups, coalitions and so on, because I don’t belong to any party. Being useful can exist without being a party member.
            The basic matter for Ukraine is when the authorities are making Ukraine wealthy by certain actions, not words. Under the conditions we are in now (the election races are not expected in the next 3.5 years ) every citizen of Ukraine, any manager of an enterprise or an organization should realize every accessible energy saving technologies, because helping oneself is the most reliable kind of help one can ever get. And I will be there to favor every initiation on the spot. Lets make Ukraine energetically independent and prosperous together!

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